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Rhythm Sticks 2004

Registration for the Rhythm Sticks 2004 Internet resource is available for $NZ20 per class per year plus GST where applicable. The Rhythm Sticks Music CD is available for $NZ16 plus GST if applicable per school.

  •  In New Zealand, adding GST takes the cost to $NZ22.50 per class per year + $NZ18 for the music CD.

  •  In Australia, the current exchange rate takes the cost to $AU18.00 per class, per year, + $AU14.50 for the Music CD + post.   No NZ GST is payable.
  •  Other countries by negotiation based on current $ exchange rates.

There are a number of payment options available. Fax, Email, or mail Brainways your contact details, your order number, and how many classes will be accessing the resource. Then choose a payment method:

Request our ANZ Bank Account number, and Direct Credit straight into it, or

Post a cheque to Brainways in your local currency - such as in New Zealand or Australian dollars, or

Ask Brainways to Invoice you.

Ph: +64 3 3243 983
Fx: +64 3 3243 943
(Note: New fax number from 09/04/02)

Postal Address
PO Box 28-156
New Zealand