Christmas is celebrated by millions of Christians all over the world.
 What do we THINK about Christmas?

   Use de Bono's Thinking Hats to look at Christmas in different ways. 
   It would be great to discuss each key question with others in your class. 
   It will be helpful to work through the hats in the order that they appear on this page. 
   Your class may decide to look at a different hat each day. 
   Click on the mice below to find out more about how to use each hat.
   Christmas Mouse would love to hear about the thoughts and ideas you and your class come up with. You can e-mail them to him by clicking on the Christmas Mailbox. Please make sure that you include the name of your school in your e-mail message. He'll do his best to send you a reply!



How do we feel?


What are the bad things?


What do we know, what do we want to find out?


What great ideas do we have?


What are the good things?


How are we going to organise our thinking?

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