Students can access the Christmas activities and information via a computer with an Internet connection. However if you are short on computer access, you'll be looking for another pathway. Try one of these:

   Print out the activities and make these available to the students in a learning centre. Students could access information on the computer.

   Print out both activities and information to have available in a learning centre. Children could still access the information via the computer, however having printouts available, as well as a selection of books - will keep everyone busy and happy!

   If the above option was put into action, computers could be used as an option for a presentation tool when completing some of the activities.

In the Thinking Hats lessons, we encourage your students to e-mail Brainways Mouse with your class's ideas. In order to know how to fill out the e-mail message box and send the e-mail, the following 'help sheet' could be handy! E-mailing Brainways mouse. This could be printed out and displayed beside your classroom computer.

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