Setting up your Learning Centre:

To utilise the activities and information provided in this resource, we suggest that you could use a Learning Centre approach.  In order to set up your Learning Centre, check out our suggestions. We have also provided labels, checklists and instruction sheets for your Learning centre display. 

Below is a list of equipment / materials that your students could need to make the Christmas crafts on this site.

   Ice block sticks
   Grass seed
   Plastic coat hangers
   Empty cans / margarine pottles    
Felt pens

   Double sided tape
   Craft knives
   Glue Gun
   Decorations: star stickers, tinsel, glitter, felt pens, scraps of coloured card / foil, old Christmas paper ...
Willow branches


6 Thinking Hats: Recording Class Ideas:
    Collate ideas on large charts that can be displayed around the room, with the opportunity to add more ideas at a later date. We have provided chart photocopy masters that you can print out and enlarge onto A3 paper, or feel free to create your own charts.


Safety on the Internet!
    Part of the information section of this web site uses live links to the Internet. When using Internet sites within the classroom it is highly desirable to have ensured they are appropriate before the students go looking. The links to sites provided by this resource are suitable for primary students.  Students should be encouraged to use the back arrow on the Browser to return to the Brainways Christmas site.
When using the Brainways Christmas Internet links students could deviate to other sites, if they knew what they were doing. However the information provided is very interesting and straying minds and mice shouldn't be a problem!
To be safe, it would pay to have your room set up so that the screens can be easily viewed by the teacher.


Wrap-up Bingo Quiz:
   Once the students have completed a lot of white hat research using this web site, they will be ready to play the Christmas Bingo Quiz.

How to play: 
  Students each get a blank bingo card.
  The write the numbers 1 - 25 randomly in the squares on the card.
  Must record every number ... no 2 cards should look the same.
  Each child needs a pile of counters, now you are ready to play.
  Teacher or Quiz Master reads a question.
  Students put up hands to answer question.
  Child who answers correctly chooses a number.
  Everyone covers that number on their card.
  First person to get a line calls out "Merry Christmas" 
  This person has the option to be the Quiz Master for the next game.
You will need:
  Bingo card master for each student.
  Question / answer bank
Bingo card master Question / answer bank

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