Below are lists of Essential Skills and Objectives covered in this unit.

Every teacher has the ability to use this unit in their own unique way. This means, the lists below are by no means complete.

Essential Skills

Students will:

Covered in or by...

   Problem Solving Skills
    think critically, creatively, reflectively and logically
  • Using the six thinking hats
    exercise imagination, initiative and flexibility;
  • Throughout unit
    inquire and research, and explore, generate and develop ideas;
  • Throughout unit
    design and make;
  • Selected design and make activities throughout the Multiple Intelligences Learning center activities
evaluate processes and solutions.
  • Use of suggested evaluative and assessment techniques.
Information Skills
    organise, analyse, synthesize evaluate, and use information;
  • Throughout unit

    use a range of information-retrieval and information-processing         technologies confidently and competently.

  • Use of the Brainways Christmas website in your classroom programme
Communication Skills
    Become competent in using new information and communication technologies.
  • Use of the Brainways Christmas website in your classroom programme
Social and Cooperative Skills
    Acknowledge individual differences and demonstrate respect for the rights of all people.
  • Green Hat Thinking activity, identifying and helping a person or group of people to have a happy Christmas this year.
Work and Study Skills
    Work effectively both independently and in groups;
  • Requiring children to complete a range of interpersonal and intrapersonal activities.
    Build on their own learning experiences, cultural backgrounds, and preferred learning styles.
  • Using the activities based on Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences - encourage the children to work on activities that are not in their favoured Intelligence as well as those that are.


Curriculum Objectives

Social Studies

 Culture and Heritage

Students will demonstrate knowledge and understandings of:

    Level 1
  • customs and traditions associated with participation in cultural activities;
    Level 2
  • ways in which communities reflect the cultures and heritage's of their people; 

    Level 3

  • how practices of cultural groups vary but reflect similar purposes;

    Level 4

  • why and how people pass on  and sustain their culture and heritage.

Students will demonstrate skills as they:

  • collect, process and communicate information about human society.


    Social Decision Making
  • make decisions about possible social action.


Curriculum Objectives

English Language

The Brainways Christmas unit has the potential to cover all of the strands in the English Language curriculum.

Coverage of objectives in this unit will vary according to how you decide to use the site in your classroom programme.


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