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Setting up your Learning Centre:

To utilise the activities and information provided in this resource, we suggest that you could use a Learning Centre approach.  In order to set up your Learning Centre, check out our suggestions. We have also provided labels, checklists and instruction sheets for your Learning Centre display. 

One level 3 / 4 activity that will require some searching for clues is the Logical / Mathematical activity, "Donkey and Soldier work bravely to save lives". You may need to direct students, who have spent some time searching, to Simpson and his donkey ... how they made a difference at Gallipoli.

In this link, the first paragraph explains when Simpson started and the 15th paragraph tells how many trips he would make in one day. By going to Sadly good things don't always last they will discover the day Simpson stopped working.

Below is a list of equipment / materials that your students could need if you are going to offer them all of the activities.

Level 1 & 2
Level 3 & 4
Visual / Spatial
     Materials for creating a collage - for the Donkey Collage
     Materials for creating a wrapper - for the Biscuit Wrapper
Visual / Spatial
     Materials for creating a brochure - for Finding out more about the RSA 
     Various materials for designing a wrapping - for Biscuit Wrapper
     Materials for designing a large poppy - for Why Poppies
     Card for making a flat parcel - for A Parcel for Dad
Verbal / Linguistic
    Some postcards to use as a template - for A Postcard to Home
   Writing materials - for Letter to a Soldier
Verbal / Linguistic
     Various classified ad sections of newspapers - for Job Hunting
     Writing materials, possibly a computer - for the Newspaper Assignment
     Writing materials - for Message to a Soldier
      A small diary - for Dear Diary
    Poppy seeds, a container, and material for a wrapper, for Poppies Poppies Everywhere
    Clay, sticks, leaves and other natural materials - for A Statue to Remember
     Materials such as a shrub for creating a suitable memorial - for My Special ANZAC     
     Poppy seeds, potting mix, a container, and materials suitable for a wrapper - for Poppies, Poppies Everywhere
     Materials for creating a brochure - for Donkeys Help Save Lives
Musical / Rhythmical
    Chimebars or other musical instruments - for The Last Post
Musical / Rhythmical
     A taperecorder - for Singing Women's Praises
     Chimebars or other musical instruments - for The Last Post
Logical / Mathematical
   Writing materials and ingredients for cooking - for ANZAC Biscuits
Cardboard and sticky tape - for Making a Periscope
Logical / Mathematical
     Card or paper and writing materials - for Quite Alike Really
     A torch - for Urgent Messages
     A calculator or computer spreadsheet - for Donkey and the Soldier
    Various ingredients - for So Many Recipies
  Writing and drawing materials - for Women in the war and A Story to Share
     a diary, or a page from a diary - for Life on the Home Front
     The poem "They shall not grow old ..." for The ANZAC Dedication
     Various writing and publishing materials - for A Story to Share
Body / Kinaesthetic
   Various materials for making your own poppy - for Why Poppies
   Various materials for making medals - for War Medals
Body / Kinaesthetic
     Various construction materials, such as card and glue - for So That's What it Looked Like
     Various construction materials, such as an empty milk carton, small mirrors, card and glue - for Checking up on the Enemy


Safety on the Internet!
    Part of the information section of this web site uses live links to the Internet. When using Internet sites within the classroom it is highly desirable to have ensured they are appropriate before the students go looking. The links to sites provided by this resource are suitable for primary students.  Students should be encouraged to use the back arrow on the Browser to return to the Brainways ANZAC Discoveries site.

When using the Brainways ANZAC Discoveries Internet links students could deviate to other sites, if they knew what they were doing. However the information provided is very interesting and straying minds and mice shouldn't be a problem!
To be safe, it would pay to have your room set up so that the screens can be easily viewed by the teacher.

Wrap-up Bingo Quiz:
   Once the students have completed a lot of white hat research using this web site, they will be ready to play the ANZAC Discoveries Quiz.

How to play: 
  Students each get a blank bingo card.
  The write the numbers 1 - 25 randomly in the squares on the card.
  Must record every number ... no 2 cards should look the same.
  Each child needs a pile of counters, now you are ready to play.
  Teacher or Quiz Master reads a question.
  Students put up hands to answer question.
  Child who answers correctly chooses a number.
  Everyone covers that number on their card.
  First person to get a line calls out "Mission Accomplished!" 
  This person has the option to be the Quiz Master for the next game.
You will need:
  Bingo card master for each student.
  Question / answer bank
Bingo card master Question / answer bank

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