Welcome to the Brainways ANZAC Discoveries 2006 Teacher Talk Resource.

To make this teaching and learning adventure hummm in your class, check out the Brainways Keys to Teaching and Learning.  Unlock the magic in your classroom...

The Brainways Philosophy Key Philosophy: Laying a sound foundation for great teaching and learning.
The Brainways Pedagogy Key Pedagogy: How will I teach this unit and how will the students learn?
The Brainways Identifying Student Needs Key Identifying Student Needs: How will this resource cater for the range of learning needs within my class?
The Brainways Essential Learning Areas, Skills, Attitudes, and Values Key What Essential Learning Areas, Essential Skills, Attitudes and Values will be addressed in this unit?
The Brainways Assessment and Evaluation Key Assessment and Evaluation: What tools can I use to assess my students' progress and evaluate my teaching?
The Brainways Information and Communication Technology Tools Key I.C.T Tools: How will my students access the information and activities during this unit?
The Brainways Resources Key Resources: What is within this resource? What will I need to organise?
The Brainways Professional Development Key Professional Development: How can I upskill myself so that I feel more confident when teaching this unit?

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