Name three things that were commonly sent to soldiers in parcels from home.

What country is the Gallipoli peninsula part of?

What went wrong with the ANZACs landing at Gallipoli?

How many ANZACs were killed on the first day of the Gallipoli campaign?

What was the name of the man who carried wounded soldiers to safety on the back of a donkey at Gallipoli?

Why did some ANZACs find it hard to leave Gallipoli?

What is the name of the bay where the ANZACs landed at Gallipoli?

Why do we wear poppies on ANZAC Day?

What is the significance of that date?

Why did they sell them?

Name three jobs that women took on did during the war.

What was a name the ANZACs gave the nurses during the first World War?

There was a line of fighting that stretched from Belgium to Switzerland (including much of France) in the first World War. What was this line called?

What is the name given to the ditches where soldiers would take shelter from bullets?

Give an example of how cold it got in the Western Front during winter.

What did the ANZACs make so that they could see over the trenches without being shot?

What name was given to the food that soldiers were provided with?

More quiz questions to come!