The images on this page, and used elsewhere in the Brainways ANZAC resource, have been sourced from the
Alexander Turnbull Library
National Library of New Zealand
Te Puna Matauranga o Aotearoa
Wellington, New Zealand

Each image is accompanied my the appropriate file name / collection reference number, and the full caption as supplied by the library.

trooparr.jpg (9320 bytes) poster.jpg (11445 bytes) poster.jpg (12141 bytes)
PAColl-5936-18: New Zealand and Australian soldiers landing at Anzac Cove, Gallipoli, Turkey A-311-2-001: McNamara, John (Mack), fl 1916 - 1917 ANZAC Day (April 25th) - It's first anniversary.  Can we ever forget it? 20 April 1916 Eph-C-WOMEN-1942-01: Women! over 17 years of age, For a healthy, vital war job, join the Women's Land Service. [1942 - 1943]
houses.jpg (10154 bytes) warmem.jpg (13185 bytes) sortmail.jpg (11235 bytes)
A-234-014: Drummond-Fish, G. fl 1906 - 1938 [Anzac Camp, Gallipoli, 1915. 1915] PAColl-5932-21: National War Memorial with the Dominion Museum and National Art Gallery DA-00986: World War II soldier sorting letters at Cairo Base post office
injured.jpg (13723 bytes) tents.jpg (9871 bytes) barbedwi.jpg (12756 bytes)
1/4-008784: Evacuation of the wounded from Anzac Cove in Gallipoli by boat PAColl-0063-01: Dugouts at Anzac Cove, Gallipoli, Turkey DA-01541: World War II soldier and barbed wire, in the defended locality of the Western Desert, Egypt
LeavingHo.jpg (12778 bytes) winter.jpg (4069 bytes) gardning.jpg (12150 bytes)
1/4-000831: Crowd at Rotorua Railway Station prior to departure of troops for active service 1/2-013024: Snow covered battlefields near Hooge, Belgium PAColl-5927-24: Women planting a garden in Wellington, during World War II
ammuniti.jpg (11185 bytes) nurse.jpg (9673 bytes) parcels.jpg (8598 bytes)
PAColl-0783-2-0435: Women assembling parts for trench mortar shells, Swan Electric Co Ltd, Dixon Street, Wellington 1/2-013470: Nurse and patients in the New Zealand Stationary Hospital, Wisques, France 1/2-C-08576: Women packing parcels for New Zealand prisoners of war
digging.jpg (10556 bytes) tractor.jpg (8910 bytes) factrywk.jpg (10137 bytes)
PAl-q-291-57-160: Women's war service in New Zealand PAColl-6075-17: Woman driving a tractor alongside an Avro Anson training plane, during World War II PAColl-0783-2-0011: Women working in a dehydration plant in Pukekohe during World War II
trooptre.jpg (9341 bytes) xmascard.jpg (11794 bytes) sidonkey.jpg (4286 bytes)
Eph-POSTCARD-WWI-01: Daily Mail (London) Anzacs in France.  Off to the trenches. "Daily Mail" official photograph.  Official war pictures, no. 153. [Postcard ca 1916] Eph-A-WAR-WI-1916-01: Sling Camp (England) Greetings from Sling Camp, 1916 - 1917, Kia-Ora. Christmas and New Year. Bennett Bros, Military Printers, Salisbury [1916] C-057-002: Moore-Jones, Horace Millichamp 1878 - 1922 To the memory of our hero comrade 'Murphy' Simpson killed may 1915. London, W. J. Bryce, 1918
1/2-013122: Soldiers loading a New Zealand trench mortar, near Colincamps, France PAColl-0154-1: Soldiers on the troopship Dunera DA-05020: Three members of the New Zealand forces tramping through mud and snow at the front in Italy during World War II

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