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ANZAC Discoveries is an activities based approach to learning about ANZAC Day. This site provides:

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Activities at two levels, based around Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences.
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Information necessary to complete the activities. This information is at three levels of difficulty, ranging from pictures with captions to Internet site links.


The way you approach, use, manage this unit is totally up to you. Some ideas are provided below.

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Activities can be printed out, and available in a learning centre OR they can be accessed on the computer
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Information could be printed out from the computer, labelled (with a key word or phrase) and made available in a learning centre OR it can be accessed on the computer OR a combination of print-outs and use of the computer
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You may decide to use your computer(s) for the students to present their work and have information printed out for them to access independently
You may choose to approach an activity as a whole class OR students could work on activities independently
You may decide that you want each student to complete one activity OR that they complete a selection of activities. You may choose to select / limit the activities that you offer them
You may use this resource as part of a wider study on 'things' ANZAC or this resource may form the basis of your ANZAC unit
If you have limited access to computers, you may decide to timetable students onto the computer during the day, for about 30 minutes each

To best use their time, it would be advisable for them to have selected an activity before arriving at the computer. This may mean that they miss maths or spelling or sport ... but it will be just once!

A learning centre is an independent work centre. Within the learning centre is everything the students need to complete their activities. Activity cards are displayed, with key words or the intelligence symbol on the outside of the packet. Information sheet printouts can also be made available here,  key word or phrase information on the packet helps direct the students to the information they need. Materials to complete the activities, such as musical instruments, card, tape-recorder ...  can also be stored in the learning centre. Any additional information / instructions the students need can be displayed here. A checklist for the students to mark off the activities they have completed can also be valuable.

A Learning Centre

Read through the activities and be familiar with the information pages yourself, before introducing them to your students!

Below is a list of equipment / materials that your students could need if you are going to offer them all of the activities.

Level 3 & 4:

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Blank tape and tape recorder
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Construction materials for periscope: empty milk cartons, small mirrors, craft knife
Chime bars
Poppy seeds, soil / potting mix / container

One level 3 / 4 activity that will require some searching for clues is the Logical / Mathematical activity, "Donkey and Soldier work bravely to save lives".  You may need to direct students, who have spent some time searching, to Simpson and his donkey ... how they made a difference at Gallipoli.  In this link, the first paragraph explains when Simpson started and the 15th paragraph tells how many trips he would make in one day. By going to Sadly good things don't always last they will discover the day Simpson stopped working.


Safety on the Internet!

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Part of the information section of this web site uses live links to the Internet. When using Internet sites within the classroom it is highly desirable to have ensured they are appropriate before the students go looking. The links to sites provided by this resource are suitable for primary students
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Some of the events of war that are described are rather unpleasant, but it is hard to avoid that with a topic that focuses on war!
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Students should be encouraged to use the back arrow on the Browser to return to the ANZAC Discoveries site
When using the ANZAC Discoveries Internet links students could deviate to other sites, if they knew what they were doing. However the information provided is very interesting and straying minds and mice shouldn't be a problem
To be safe, it would pay to have your room set up so that the screens can be easily viewed by the teacher

While there are some links to New Zealand web sites, most of the Internet sites used are Australian, purely because they are so informative and interesting. 
The photos used in the 'Pictures and Captions' and 'Tell Me More' sections are from New Zealand.

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