Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences

Body - Kinesthetic

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence These students enjoy learning through movement using their gross motor skills. They enjoy role playing, co-operative learning, field trips and fiddling with things.

Mathmatical - Logic Logical-Mathematical Intelligence These students are very logical in their thought. They enjoy puzzles, diagrams, sequencing, problem solving and questioning.
Musical Musical Intelligence These students enjoy beat, dance, singing and humming along with musical performances.
Naturalist Intelligence This way of learning has recently been identified. These students enjoy all things to do with nature, such as nature walks, using organic materials to make things and using natural materials in activities.
Verbal - Linguistic Linguistic Intelligence These students enjoy oral discussion and the written word. They enjoy reading, creative writing, poetry, humour, impromptu speaking, formal debates and literature based activities.
Visual Spatial Intelligence These students enjoy publishing their work, creating posters and art, along with designing and structural based activities.
Intrapersonal Intrapersonal Intelligence These students enjoy working on their own and are reflective in their thought. They enjoy goal setting and are able to understand and acknowledge their own strengths and weaknesses.
Interpersonal Interpersonal Intelligence These students enjoy working within a group and are often strong leaders. They relate very well to others and like to listen as well as lead. They enjoy buddy activities and peer tutoring.

There are many Internet references to Howard Gardner and his theory on Multiple Intelligences.

The Internet links used on this page are all taken from a site developed by Andy Carvin. They have been chosen because the content appears to be accurate, brief, and clearly laid out.

Andy says that his site is "a shameless plug for all the things that keep me busy in life". He says he is a "Senior Associate at the Benton Foundation in Washington, DC".

The purpose of his EdWeb Internet site is "to explore the worlds of educational reform and information technology"

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