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Some of the fiercest battles on the peninsular took place over a crest named after a solitary pine tree that stood there. On first seeing this crest, the Australians called it Lonesome Pine - later shortened to Lone Pine - after a popular song of the time. Shells and bullets soon destroyed the original pine tree.

Today, a pine tree stands there again, believed to have grown from a seedling of the original. It stands amongst the hundreds of graves in Australia's largest memorial on the peninsular. Recorded on the headstones are the names and ages of the young men resting there, as well as some words to remember them by.

One read, "He gave his life so others may live."

Another said, "He died for his country - name unknown."

This was a place of intense and brutal fighting. Many hundreds of lives were lost - sometimes for a piece of land the size of a tennis court.

Captain Ali stopped and looked around. He seemed to be deep in thought.


A search of the Internet for "Lonesome Pine" showed that there are several songs with those words in the title. Check out Lonesome Pine, Lonesome Pine, and Lonesome Pine. There is a reference to the name of the song at this site
Find out more about the ANZAC "Lone Pine" memorial names.
The Lone Pine can still be seen
Captain Ali has a link with Lone Pine
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