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Lest we Forget
A Kiwi visits ANZAC Cove
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Teacher Talk

Wiwi on a jet, heading for Istanbul

Fifteen years ago, instead of sitting in an aircraft, these travellers were sitting in classrooms just like yours, learning about the spirit of ANZAC. This resource was developed after a recent visit to Turkey by them as part of their OE.

The story line is in their own words, and captures both the excitement of travel to far away places, people and events, and the powerful emotive forces that are uniquely ANZAC.

This module was uploaded on the week prior to ANZAC Day, 2006, and does not yet have a set related of activities as does the rest of the Brainways ANZAC Discoveries resource.

Brainways would love to get feedback from teachers and learners.

Brainways hopes to upload a range of activities at some stage, as well as extend the range of Internet links. In the meantime, you will need to be inventive. Some ideas we have received so far include:
Use the resource as part of a shared reading programme
Print and laminate the pages so learners can hold the story - you can print the Internet pages, or download the following pages in pdf format (Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® required) Page 00 (70k), 01 (90k), 02 (120k), 03 (110k), 04 (110k), 05 (70k), 06 (70k), 07 (110k), 08 (80k), 09 (70k), 10 (120k), 11 (90k), 12 (70k)
Add the Internet address of the story to your HomeWork sheet and encourage family members to share the story

Please remember:
You may use the resource on as many computers as you wish - at school and home for example
Schools have developed most cunning plans to make the resource available to as many learners as possible straight from the Internet, such as gathering several computers into their classroom, or sending children off to other classrooms to use the computers
Some schools with slow and unreliable Internet connections download and save individual pages - several use software to capture the entire ANZAC Discoveries site so they can run it from their local computers.
This Wiwi the Kiwi story is a separate module within the ANZAC Discoveries site, and can easily fit on to a floppy disk. You can download a zipped copy (900k), and unzip it onto a floppy disk, or a hard drive
The entire ANZAC Discoveries Internet site is the intellectual property of Brainways. Please refer to the relevant Terms of Use.
You may only use the ANZAC Discoveries Internet resource if you have registered. When you have registered, you are welcome to use the resource with your class for the rest of this year. Brainways welcomes common sense registration suggestions, such as from small rural schools.
Wiwi is happy to answer questions sent in by learners - Wiwi can be Emailed at wiwi@brainways.co.nz

All of the images are scans of photos taken by the writers. Two images have been digitally altered for effect, one on Page 8 showing Captain Ali at Lone Pine (he was leaning on a walking stick in the original photo), and one on Page 12 showing Wiwi looking at a photo (the photo has been added).

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Lest we Forget
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