A gun

Some wounded soldiers being carried to safety

Leaving home was very sad
Crowd at Rotorua Railway Station prior to departure of troops for active service.

Leaving home to go to war was a very sad time. Many soldiers were killed and others did not come back for a long time.


A battlefield during the winter

Snow covered battlefields near Hooge, Belgium.

Soldiers often had to live in trenches or long ditches to keep safe from flying bullets. In winter it was freezing cold and muddy. Many soldiers got very sick living in the trenches.

Eating in the trenches

Tramping through mud and snow

  Meal time in a front line trench.

Three members of the New Zealand forces tramping through mud and snow at the front in Italy during World War Two.

A World War One soldier in uniform

An ANZAC solider in his uniform.

Soldiers on the troopship Dunera

After the war it took a long time to get home on the boat.

Soldiers on the troopship Dunera.



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