Turkey was on the same side as Germany in the First World War, that made them the ANZAC's enemy. It was decided that soldiers needed to land and fight in Turkey.

On April 25th 1915 the ANZACs arrived at what is now know as ANZAC Cove on the Gallipoli Peninsula. This is part of Turkey.

Unfortunately their landing went wrong and instead of landing on beaches, a strong current carried their boats to land by steep cliffs. The Turks were ready for them. In that first day 2000 ANZACs were killed.

Wounded soldiers leaving Anzac Cove

Evacuation of the wounded from Anzac Cove in Gallipoli by boat.

For the first three days and night the fighting didn't stop. The noise was terrible, the cliffs echoed the sounds.

The ANZACs held their ground at Gallipoli. They dug holes into hillsides for shelter and to treat the injured.  It was a dangerous area to be fighting in, with bullets coming from all directions. The ANZACs were surrounded on three sides by the enemy, they couldn't move forward, but the Turks couldn't either.

ANZAC Camp, Gallipoli

ANZAC Camp, Gallipoli

There are many brave stories about the ANZACs at Gallipoli. Jack Simpson was an Australian who helped to save many wounded soldiers by carrying them to safety on the back of a donkey.

It was very hot during the summer months at Gallipoli. Even though it was dangerous the soldiers would look forward to swimming in the sea. It was their only chance to have a wash.

The fighting at Gallipoli went on for 8 months. In that time 10 000 ANZACs were killed. The British generals decided it was time for the ANZACs to leave. This was hard on the ANZACs as it felt like their mates had died for nothing, because they didn't win at Gallipoli. They left gradually at night, tricking the Turks so that they didn't know the ANZACs were escaping.

At Gallipoli the ANZACs proved themselves to be a strong fighting force.

ANZAC troops landing at Anzac Cove

New Zealand and Australian soldiers landing at Anzac Cove, Gallipoli, Turkey



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