The people who didn't go to the war were busy at home helping the war effort.

Children helped in different ways.

The soldiers were often tired, hungry and they missed home a lot. It was a real highlight for them to receive a parcel from home. These parcels would contain food and warm clothing as well as newsy letters from home to lift their spirits.


At lots of schools the children would spend time knitting each day. They would knit scarves, socks and balaclavas for the soldiers. March off to the Internet to learn how to knit.

Due to the fear of invasion by enemy aircraft people had to be very careful at night. Black out curtains and blinds made sure that no light escaped from windows. Street lights were not used either.

A lot of supplies were being sent to soldiers at war. This meant that people at home had to be more thrifty. Coupons were used to buy food, clothing and petrol. This was called rationing.

There were less treats. People made sacrifices to ensure that the people fighting for our country had everything that they needed.


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