In 1914 war broke out between Britain and Germany. New Zealand and Australia were part of the British Empire, so they joined the war on Britain's side. Thousands of men throughout New Zealand and Australia joined up to fight for their country. The first ships departed from New Zealand in October 1914. The men thought that they were headed for England, however while they were at sea they learned that Turkey had joined the war on Germany's side. The ships changed course and headed for Egypt because they were concerned that Turkey would invade Egypt.

Below is a brief outline of what happened in Gallipoli between the Turks and the ANZACs in 1915.   Your challenge is to find out more.  Fire away on the month that you'd like to investigate and you'll be shipped away to the Research Guide.
  Getting prepared to fight. Training in Egypt.
  The Turks attack the Suez canal but are driven back by the NZ Infantry Brigade. The British Empire's Plan is put into action, but not with a successful outcome.
  The decision was made for the Allies to take control of Gallipoli. The troops set sail for the Island of Lemos.
  April 25th, the ANZACs land at Gallipoli ... unfortunately it did not go according to plan.
  Dig In! The troops dug in, the fighting was intense ... many many lives were lost.
  Intense fighting continued, life on the Gallipoli Peninsula was very hard.
  As well as death from fighting, death from disease also became common place.
  Time for new recruits, the troops were exhausted. Major attack by ANZACs on Chunuk Bair ... devastating outcome!
  A rest for some soldiers on Lemos Island. Hospital ship anchors in ANZAC Cove ... help for the sick and wounded.
More new reinforcements and the fighting continues.
  Winter arrives, it brings more hardship but some benefits as well.
  Talk of leaving ... men not all that keen to go ... a secret evacuation.