What Happened?

September had been a very tough month of fighting. The troops needed some help and a rest.
• What happened on Lemos Island and The Maheno to help the battle weary troops?

• What did the soldiers enjoy doing on Lemos Island?


Use what you have learnt to:

Imagine you were an artist on Lemos Island in September 1915 - you decide to draw some soldiers involved in typical activities - create your picture from your imagination. Or ... write a descriptive paragraph to describe the scene.

Break down the big picture into parts:

List the treats that lay in store for the soldiers on Lemos Island. Beside each treat explain why this would have been so special for the soldiers.
For example: Nice Food: for several months they had eaten rations consisting of bullybeef, biscuits and ....... When they tried to eat jam the flies made this impossible. This change in diet would have been a real treat!

You may choose to present this information as a chart, a mind-map, a cartoon, a poem or a mobile.

Create something new:

Create a card for a soldier on Lemos Island. Design the front of the card and the message to go inside. Think about what the soldiers would have been through and what they would appreciate at this time.


Write a song (you can take a well known tune and write new words) or poem that could be performed at Lemos Island to thank the soldiers for what they have done and to cheer them up

Use your knowledge and own ideas to form a point of view:

Imagine you were a soldier on Lemos Island. List the 10 best things about being on the Island, one being the absolute best.