What Happened?

On May 24th there was an armistice.
• What is an armistice?
• Why was it necessary to have one? What had happened leading up to this day?
• What kind of communication happened between the Turks and the ANZACs on May 24th 1915?

Use what you have learnt to:

With a partner create a mime of what could have happened during May 24th. One of you would be a Turk and the other an ANZAC.

Break down the big picture into parts:

Create a mobile to show the similarities between the Turks and the ANZACs. Use key words and pictures in your mobile. Think of a meaningful title for your mobile

Draw a Venn diagram to show the similarities and differences between the Turks and the ANZACs.

Create something new:

The soldiers probably learnt quite a bit about their enemy on May 24th. Using what you know about their interactions with each other and what was happening on a daily basis at Gallipoli: create a poem / song or description under the title 'Whichever side we fight on...' or 'All Soldiers' or 'It's tough for us and it's tough for them' or ...

Use your knowledge and own ideas to form a point of view:

Why do you think it was important to have an armistice on May 24th? What do you think were the benefits of doing this - try to think of physical, social and emotional benefits.