What Happened?

Life was very hard for the soldier's at Gallipoli. Even food didn't offer much comfort.
• What were some of the hardships of daily life for the ANZACs? Here are some sub-topics for you to find out about:
Rations ... Living in the trenches ... Attacks ... Fear ... Add a category of your own.


Use what you have learnt to:

Write a Groem. A Groem is a cross between a grizzle and a poem. Imagine you are a solider and your Groem is your way of expressing your grizzles about daily life at Gallipoli.


Break down the big picture into parts:

Challenge yourself to complete an A to Z. List the letters of the alphabet down the side of the page. Try to come up with a word for every letter of the alphabet that relates to or describes the living conditions at Gallipoli. You may need to consult a thesaurus to find some synonyms when you get stuck.

Create something new:

Choose an aspect of life that was constantly a problem or hardship at Gallipoli. Create a possible solution to this problem. Your solution may be: a simple machine, or a new way of doing something or something else. Your explanation of your solution may include a labelled diagram.

Use your knowledge and own ideas to form a point of view:

Life was very tough at Gallipoli -seven days a week. What do you think would have happened if the soldiers were given two days off a week to have a break? Try to list at least eight possible consequences - both good and bad.