What Happened?

As well as death through fighting, death from disease became common place in the summer months at Gallipoli.
• Why was disease such a problem?
• What were the conditions that lead to there being so much disease? Explain these conditions in as much detail as possible.


Use what you have learnt to:

Create a crossword puzzle about Disease at Gallipoli. Brainstorm a list of 10 - 15 key words that relate to this topic. Write a clue for each key word. You could work out the arrangement of your crossword using an piece of grid paper of you could visit a puzzle web site and follow the instructions - the crossword will be created for you! Think of an original title for your crossword.

Break down the big picture into parts:

Draw a mind map to show what lead to disease being a big problem at Gallipoli.
• Write the topic in the centre of your page.
• Draw branches out from the topic title and write a sub topic at the end of each branch. E.g. one sub topic may be 'poor diet'
• Draw small branches out from each sub topic. Write down details about your sub topic at the end of each branch.
• Use at least three different colours in your mind map.
• Use bigger writing for the most important words.
• Add pictures and symbols to illustrate your ideas.

Create something new:

Ring-A-Ring-A-Rosie was a rhyme about disease and it's effect on children in Britain a long time ago. (when????)
Create your own rhyme about disease at Gallipoli in the summer months of 1915.

Use your knowledge and own ideas to form a point of view:

• What do you think the soldiers could have done to fight this disease problem?
• Why do you think this would have been a very difficult problem to solve?