What Happened?

Chunuk Bair is a hill on the Gallipoli Peninsula. If the ANZACs could gain control of this hill they had a good chance of advancing. The attack on Chunuk Bair started on August 6th.
• Briefly outline what happened during this battle that spanned several days. You could use a bullet point list to outline the key events.
• Many lives were lost in a short space of time. How many New Zealander's died in this attack?
• What was frustrating about the outcome of this battle?


Use what you have learnt to:

Create a graph to show what happened to the number of soldiers involved or who died, in the attack on Chunuk Bair from August 6 - 10 1915. Give your graph a full sentence title to explain what it is showing.

Break down the big picture into parts:

During this battle many of the soldiers new that they were going to die. What thoughts do you think would have gone through their minds before they charged? Record possible thoughts in a table under the following headings:
My Family
My Country
• My Mates
• My Life

Create something new:

New Zealand soldiers made a name for themselves during August 1915. Think about the qualities they would have displayed during the Chunuk Bair battle that would have made their country proud of them.
• Design a special medal that reflects these qualities.

Use your knowledge and own ideas to form a point of view:

It would have been unimaginably terrifying being told that you had to charge and knowing that there was little chance of survival.
What do you think would have happened if the soldiers had refused to follow orders? Think of several consequences.