What Happened?

When the troops landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula they didn't land where they planned to.
• Why did the landing go wrong?
• What challenges did they face because of where they landed?
• What is the place where they landed now called?

Use what you have learnt to:

Based on what you now know about the landing, draw a picture to show what you imagine it would have looked like. (Do not copy an existing picture, use the facts and create a picture of what you imagine it would have looked like.)

Create a soundscape using instruments to represent the landing at Gallipoli. Use a range of rhythms / pitches to represent the different things that happened.

Break down the big picture into parts:

Thinking about everything that happened during the landing: record some key works under each of the following main themes: challenges ... confusions ... bad luck ... solutions ... another category? You could present this as a mind map or in a grid.

Create something new:

Using your knowledge of the sights, sounds, events and problems - write a poem about the Gallipoli landing.

Use your knowledge and own ideas to form a point of view:

What might have happened differently if the soldiers landed where they expected to?