The Brainways Team

Ross Jones

Hi, I'm Ross Jones.

I have been working for Brainways since it's conception. I was at St Martins school for 4 years before now, working with teachers looking at successful teaching and learning and successfully integrating ICT's into classroom programmes. Now I work fulltime for Brainways with support from Sue and Nicky.

After nearly thirty years of country living, Kathy (my wife) and I have moved into a Christchurch suburb.

We have 5 grown up children, Jo, Sam, Mikael, Hayley and Chris and a grandchild Blake - all of whom live in or near Christchurch. We are a very close family and enjoy lots of fun together.

In my spare time I love to fix things around the house, renovating and altering things that obviously need some work! Kath and I love to laugh and enjoy talking, questioning each other and exploring new ideas in education.