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The Brainways Team

A parent steps forward

One of the parents at that meeting was Dennis Chapman, founder and major shareholder of the hi-tech Christchurch based company then named Swichtec Power Systems.

He wondered why the school was seeking one computer for each room. Was one the ultimate goal, or was it a step towards a greater goal? Why did the school feel it needed the computers? How was the purchase of more computers going to help the pupils as learners?

Within a few months, the teaching staff at St Martins had a PC to take home for the long summer holidays, and the 1995 school year began with that computer in the classroom - along with two others!

But wait, there was more. Each room was equipped with appropriate computer tables, power supply upgrades, extension cables, a colour inkjet printer cunningly set up to print through a print sharing device, and enough software to enable anything to happen.