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Brainways Keys to Teaching and Learning
An Introduction

Computers, printers, scanners, cameras, software ...

Is it making a difference?

To enable St Martins Primary School to get the best return on its investment in ICT a team was established to look at how best to integrate the use of technology tools into the classroom. The result is the development of a philosophy and style of teaching that moves way beyond the simple implementation of computers...we have defined and developed our own holistic model for creating an effective learning environment in today's classroom.

Brainways has identified key components for successful teaching and learning. You will be familiar with all the individual keys. When they are innovatively integrated into a classroom resource they provide a powerful framework for great teaching and learning.

Together the Brainways Keys to Teaching and Learning form the core of our planning and resource development - our products provide teachers with possibilities and opportunities to share the magic and passion that is created with great teaching and learning.


"As we integrate information and communication technologies into our programmes, our classrooms will only become information rich and learning rich if we attend to all the features which enhance learning" Lynn Davie & David Allibon

This paper is a brief introduction to the Brainways Keys to Teaching and Learning. An in-depth look at each of the keys will be available from this site soon. The first, Professional Development, is currently being developed.