ANZAC Discoveries can address many curriculum objectives. How thoroughly they are covered depends on the way you approach the unit, the length of time and depth of study your class becomes involved in. The following curriculum areas / strands are addressed at levels 1 - 4, by using the the suggested activities and web site information.

Social Studies:
Poppy.gif (796 bytes)     Culture and Heritage
Poppy.gif (796 bytes)     Place and Environment
Poppy.gif (796 bytes)     Time, Continuity and Change

Poppy.gif (796 bytes)     Viewing and Presenting
Poppy.gif (796 bytes)     Writing and Reading

Other areas that are touched on by individual activities include:
Poppy.gif (796 bytes)     Technology - Strand B technological Capability
Poppy.gif (796 bytes)     Music
Poppy.gif (796 bytes)     Drama
Poppy.gif (796 bytes)     Visual Arts

Attitudes and Values

Poppy.gif (796 bytes)    Respect for others
Poppy.gif (796 bytes)    Caring and Compassion
Poppy.gif (796 bytes)    Non-sexism ( By raising awareness of women's involvement in war.)

Essential Skills

Social and Co-operative
Poppy.gif (796 bytes)     Depending on the approach your class takes.

Self Management:
Poppy.gif (796 bytes)     Manage time effectively

Poppy.gif (796 bytes)     Identify, gather, store, retrieve and process information from a range of sources.
Poppy.gif (796 bytes)     Organise, analyse, synthesise, evaluate and use information.
Poppy.gif (796 bytes)     Present information clearly, logically, concisely & accurately.
Poppy.gif (796 bytes)     Use a range on information-retrieval & information-processing technologies confidently & competently.

Work and Study:
Poppy.gif (796 bytes)     Work effectively, both independently and in groups.
Poppy.gif (796 bytes)     Build on their own learning experiences, cultural backgrounds & preferred learning styles.
Poppy.gif (796 bytes)     Take increasing responsibility for their own learning & work.